Aug 24 Informational Campaign-Volunteers wanted


Hi folks, we are planning an informational campaign for Sunday Aug 24 and are looking for a few volunteers. We are planning to go boat to boat with informational flyers about the rules and consequences of breaking them. I have reached out to the Brick PD to see if they can assist. We are planning to meet at 1p.m. Anyone with a wave runner would be especially helpful to access boats where the shoreline does not permit easy travel between boats. If you are interested, please email me at with your contact information. Thanks for your support!

New Protect the F-Cove T-Shirts


New F Cove Final DesignNew! “Protect the F-Cove” T-Shirts will soon be available through George on the Hot Dog Boat. T-Shirts will be $20. We are exploring if there is any way to donate some of the proceeds to help keep the F-Cove clean and open. In the mean time, it’s a pretty cool shirt!





Spring 2014 Dredging Update


Good news, bad news. First, the bad…unfortunately, we were unable to get the dredging effort underway for this year. We are hopeful that some day in the future this project can go forward when funding is available. The good news is that we were able to secure a promise from the DEP and Fish and Wildlife that the concrete blocks that were left on the bay floor at the entrance will be removed before the start of the summer season! These blocks were the cause for many damaged props last year and were left behind from the barrels that blocked the entrance when the coves were closed. After all, this was the biggest issue we faced last season, so it’s a win! Happy boating!

Welcome back to the F-Cove Spring 2014


Welcome back fellow boaters! Today, after the long winter from hell, my boat the “Refugee” will hit the water and make the inaugural cruise to the F-Cove. I’m happy to report that the F-Cove will remain open this year without any changes. Thanks to all of you who visited last year and obeyed the rules, respected your fellow boaters and left no trace behind. All in all, the first year since it was re-opened was a success. For those of you who frequented the coves before the closure surely can appreciate the difference in the atmosphere last year. We had fun, sometimes got a little crazy, but respected the refuge and had much more consideration for our neighbors. However, last year was a bit quieter naturally because of Sandy. There were far less of us out there then in the past. This year we anticipate a bit more traffic on the water and in the coves. It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that we all do even better than we did last year. Let me remind everyone of the few simple rules that will help keep the coves open for generations to come. If we cannot, and slip back into the habits of out past, I assure you the coves will close once again. 1)Please remember do not leave anything behind when you go- You must not leave any trash! 2) Respect the boundaries of the Wildlife Refuge. No one is allowed on the land past the high water mark. The land is not open to the public at this time, and it is not a bathroom! 3) Loud noise is not permitted. Yes, that means the floating DJ barge needs to stay the hell out. Please keep your music confined to your boat. Remember, we don’t all like your music. 4) You are not permitted to stack boats on the backs of others or float your tubes in the middle. The cove must remain safely navigable to other vessels and emergency personnel. 5) We must self-police. Those friends affiliated with the have a direct line to the Marine Police, and WILL REPORT violations and testify against you happily. Thank you for your help making this another great year in our favorite place to party, relax, and enjoy life on the water. See you all real soon!   -Dan

July 21 Mid Summer Update


Hopefully everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. As you may know the re-opening of the coves is part of a “pilot program” if you will, a joint project between Fish and Wildlife and the NJDEP. All in all, it appears to be very successful so far. Each week we have been asked to report to the DEP on conditions in the coves. I am happy to say, that each week we have been able to deliver an excellent report. Though nothing is ever perfect, considering the amount of people that have been spending their weekends in the F-Cove the results are incredible. We want to thank everybody for their efforts but remind everyone that we must never let things return to the way they were years ago. Please continue to respect the area, self police each other and report any littering or violence.

I would also like to inform you that we are now working with the DEP to try and get the entrance to the F-Cove dredged to improve water quality and flow. We recently sent them a report on the conditions and are waiting to see if the project is approved. By making the case that Hurricane Sandy deposited additional sand in the entrance, the project may be eligible for reimbursement from the Federal Government. As soon as we get a response we will let you know. Instant updates are available by following us on our Facebook page. Though our Facebook page is more lighthearted and fun oriented, any important updates will always appear there as well.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we’ll see you in the coves!





We are proud to announce that after a full year of fighting for the freedom of NJ boaters, with the help of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Marine Trades Association of New Jersey and Mayor Steve Acropolis of Brick Township, The F-Cove and adjacent T-Cove will re-open to NJ boaters effective Memorial Day Weekend! While we have all had to deal with the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, it with great pleasure I tell you that at least this, little piece of paradise is back and open for us to enjoy once again! Fish and Wildlife has agreed to share operation of the area with the State of NJ. While we believe that either through litigation or working with Fish and Wildlife would have gotten the coves re-opened anyway, we felt that the rules and regulations we would have had to accept would have been to excessive. We found a great partner in the State to accomplish this goal. WeAreOpen

While we are excited for the future, we must be careful to protect these privileges. This agreement is a trial run, or pilot program if you will. There will be a few new restrictions that must be followed along with increased enforcement of existing rules and laws, that are available on this, Marine Trades, Fish and Wildlife sites and and will be posted at the Coves. It has been made crystal clear, if we cannot enjoy these coves in a more responsible and respectful manner, we will lose them again forever. We must self police along with the authorities. The littering and underage drinking problem will be addressed by increased patrols and enforcement. There will be some noise restrictions so there will be no more floating DJ barges, and blasting music through out the coves will not be tolerated, as per Refuge rules. A complete list of the new regulations is available here on this site.

This water is adjacent to a Wildlife Refuge, and the surrounding land and wildlife must be respected. People will not be permitted on the land except for the immediate shoreline by the water. Please remember, the refuge is not a bathroom or a garbage dump. Hopefully, in the future the surrounding land and trails can be officially opened and maintained for public use, but that possibility is still a couple years away. People, we are being given a second chance here. This kind of reversal almost never happens in this day and age. Government over reach seems to only get worse, not better. What we have accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. Let’s not screw this up. Don’t turn your head the other way when someone breaks these few, simple rules. Help preserve this wonderful escape for many generations to come.IMAG0176

Take the time to read the rules, and help keep the coves open. We all must do our part. A direct number to the Brick Police will be posted in the cove. Use it if you see someone abusing the area. Please continue to visit this site, as it will evolve in the future and continue to be an up to date way of checking the rules we must abide by. We will always be advocates for any government over reach on the water, and continue to monitor and assist on issues surrounding the coves. We would also be happy to publish your fun stories and photos! Feel free to say hi to us in the coves if you’ve been following us. We’ll be out there having a ball, while helping to spread the word on how to keep everyone happy and the coves open. Our boats are the “Refugee” and “Sweet Emotion”. See you Memorial Day Weekend back in the F-Cove! Special thanks to Will Peters for donating the domain name “” to the cause!

-Dan Friendly and Craig Thorner

(L to R) Craig Thorner, Will Peters, Dan Friendly

(L to R) Craig Thorner, Will Peters, Dan Friendly


History Behind The Fight


Dan Friendly

In April of 2012, the US Fish and Wildlife Service made the decision to close the F and T Coves after nearly 50 years of public access. It is our position, that the coves are a public waterway and NOT the property of FWS. We spent weeks preparing legal action to reverse the closings if an agreement could not be reached. FWS agreed to discussions with hopes to find a solution that would satisfy all parties involved. Our position was that the only way to start was with power boat access being allowed, and for us, that was non-negotiable. We believe enforcement and some regulation can create an environment that we all can live with. Please show your support and register on this site. Since April of last year, we have been in talks with the DEP and FWS working toward a solution that would allow the coves to be reopened. We will be keeping you informed here of the developments as they occur. We also wanted to give you a forum for your ideas and comments. If you feel like taking a stroll down memory lane, I have posted a short video on YouTube from the cove, with some footage of our time there on the day it was closed. You can use the following link. Thanks for your support!

–Dan Friendly